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The UNFantasy Football League Playbook is the official rule book of the league.

It is encouraged to refer to this playbook throughout the year.

Please contact the league office at with any questions.

  • Welcome to the UNFantasy Football League!

    • Inspired by the hilarious Parody Tease Football Collection, you are invited to play along this season and be rewarded when your teams SUCK!

    • All the reasons you typically yell at your TV during a game are now reasons to cheer!

    • Overview of the UNFantasy Football League:

      • UNFantasy focuses on TEAM scoring categories rather than individual players.​

      • Franchises who participate are members of the league forever...and the historical data is stored within their unique Owner's Pass.

      • Owner's can join at any point throughout the season and still be competitive in the overall standings.

      • Playing cards act as the team's roster and are used to set the most UNoptimal weekly lineup.

      • Weekly awards are crowned along with Annual awards.

      • Weekly recap emails and trash talking podcast to discuss the league results and actual games.

    • The first step is to secure your Franchise in the league with an Owner's Pass!

  • The UNFantasy Owner's Pass is the official ticket into the league.

    All franchises must have an Owner's Pass in order to play.


    - Welcome Back!

    - After completing the checkout process, your existing Owner's Pass will be updated to reflect your participation for this season.

    - You will be issued a new Parody Team Logo for this season and that will be added to your current pass using a unique interactive art display.

    - You can change your team name for this season if you wish. (Afterall, Washington does it...)

    - You will be issued a Starter Pack of playing cards (1 per scoring category).

        - The Starter Pack will act as your default starting lineup.

        - Additional Playing Card Packs may be purchased throughout the season.

        - Rarities are built into the Playing Cards and randomly set in the packs.


    - Welcome!

    - After completing the checkout process, you will be issued a brand new Owner's Pass.

    - The Owner's Pass will have:

        - Your customized UNFantasy Team Name

        - Unique Owner ID

        - Randomly Generated Parody Team Logo

    - The Owner's Pass issuance will unlock your franchise's FRONT OFFICE where you can view your franchise details, check out your roster of playing cards, set your weekly lineups and see the weekly standings / results throughout the season. (FRANCHISE)

    - You will be issued a Starter Pack of playing cards (1 per scoring category).

        - The Starter Pack will act as your default starting lineup.

        - Additional Playing Card Packs may be purchased throughout the season.

        - Rarities are built into the Playing Cards and randomly set in the packs.

    For more information, please refer to the PLAYBOOK.

    • Playing Cards act as your team's roster.

    • Every franchise will receive a Starter Pack of 5 Playing Cards (1 per scoring category).

      • The Starter Pack will act as your Team's Default Lineup until you acquire additional Playing Cards.​

      • Additional Playing Cards can be won, earned, traded for, or purchased in PACKS.

      • Each pack is guaranteed to contain 2 specialty playing cards (UNcommon, Rare-ly Good or Epic Fails)

    • Each playing card contains:​

      • The Scoring Category (Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Penalties, Win /Loss)​

      • Parody Football Logo

      • Team Background / Border

        • Rarities are built into the backgrounds and ​have advantages in the gameplay throughout the season.

          • PLAIN 'OLE COMMON:​

            • Team Color Background / Border + Faded Parody Team Logo​

          • UNCommon-ly Bad:​

            • White Background / Border + Unique Parody Team Moment​

          • RARE-LY GOOD:​

            • Silver Foil Background + Team Color Border + Unique Parody Team Moment​

          • EPIC FAIL:​

            • Broken Glass Background + Team Color Border + Unique Parody Moment Commemorating the Teams Who Have Had Winless Seasons.​

        • More details can be found the next section (Background Rarities)​​

    Playing Card Packs can be purchased or won throughout the season.

    Each pack contains 5 playing cards (1 per scoring category).

    Offense | Defense | Special Teams | Penalties | Win / Loss

    The roster of Playing Cards you acquire will be viewable in your Franchise Front Office page.

    Once on your team, you can set the most optimal lineup in each scoring category using the playing cards available on your roster.

  • Plain 'ole Common

    UNCommon-ly Bad

    Rare-ly Good

    Epic Fail

    • After securing a spot in the league with the purchase of an Owner's Pass, every FRANCHISE has access to their own Front Office portal.

    • The Front Office is where Owners can view the details of their franchise, see current and past rosters, set weekly lineups, and view weekly stats.​​

    • The information in the Front Office pages are updated weekly as the results are finalized.

    • Each lineup contains 5 playing cards (1 per scoring category) and are scored based on the Parody Logo Team's weekly results. *NOTE: All stats are pulled from the official league site.

      • OFFENSE:

        • +10 points for each turnover committed (interception thrown or fumble lost)

        • -0.1 point for each point scored by the team

          • It does not matter how the points are scored, therefore defensive & special team points count toward this offensive scoring category.​

      • DEFENSE:

        • +0.5 points for each point given up

          • Similar to the offensive scoring category, it does not matter how the points are scored, therefore defensive & special team points count toward this defensive scoring category.​ (ie. A Pick-6, safety or a Kick Return for a score will count towards this category)

        • -2 points for each takeaway (Interception or Fumble Recovery)


        • +5 points for each punt kicked​

        • +3 points for each FG missed​​

        • +1 point for each XP missed

        • -3 points for each FG made

        • -1 point for each XP made

      • PENALTIES:

        • +0.2 points per penalty yard (ie. 5yd penalty = 1 point)​

        • +1 point for each penalty infraction

          • In order to count in the scoring, the opposing team must ACCEPT the penalty

      • WIN / LOSS:

        • +25 points for a loss​

        • -5 points for a win

        • 0 points if the game ends in a tie


    • Points for each scoring category are combined and the result is the Team's Weekly Score.

    • Points for each week are combined and rank each Team in the overall division standings.

    • Franchises are able to join at any point throughout the season.

      • The Starter Pack playing cards will be retroactively tallied to that point of the season.​

        • ie. If a team joins in week 4, the points earned in weeks 1-3 from Starter Pack cards ​will be added to the franchise season totals.

    • Bye Week Teams will be awarded zero points if left in the starting lineups.

    • By default, every franchise has a Starting Lineup.

      • These are the cards given in the Starter Pack once joining the league.​

    • Throughout the season, owners can win, earn, trade or purchase packs of cards to add to their team roster.​

    • Each week, owner's can set their optimal weekly lineup based on the playing cards on their roster and the weekly football matchups.

    • The owner's most recent lineup submission acts as the default lineup until it is changed by the owner.

    • Lineups lock in 1-hour prior to the playing card logo's kickoff.

      • ie. If ATL is playing a 1pm EST game, then those playing cards lock at 12pm EST and cannot be added or removed from an Owner's starting lineup.

    • Unless otherwise specified by the commissioner, there is only ONE playing card eligible to be played per scoring category.

    • Lineups are set on each Franchise's Front Office page and verifiable on the LINEUPS page.

      • Front Office pages contain a Team's official roster of available playing cards.​

    • WILD Cards may be played in any scoring category and are designated by the 🃏 symbol in the scoring category drop-down menu.

      • Only ONE Wild Card may be played per weekly lineup submission.​

    • Free Agency is updated each Tuesday.

    • Playing card packs will be opened and deposited into the FREE AGENCY POOL (available on the PLAYING CARDS page).

    • Owner's will be able to acquire specific playing cards in the respective scoring categories.

    • Free Agency availability is limited to the contents of the weekly opened Playing Card Packs.

    • Card rarities remain hidden until after purchase...once the playing card is uploaded to the team's Front Office Page.

    • The UNFantasy Football League is a general league where all Franchises compete with each other.

    • We can accommodate private leagues with private standings and annual awards.

    • Contact the league office for more information:

    • Inaugural Owner's Pass holders who register for the 2023 season are automatically entered into the OG side league.

    • Using the 2022 playing card roster, teams will have a chance to set weekly lineups and compete using THIS season's scoring system.

    • To set your lineup, visit your FRONT OFFICE team page and set the OG lineup in the appropriate section. (Your available playing cards & wild cards will automatically appear).

    • Weekly team stats can be found on the Franchise Front Office pages.

    • Overall Standings are tallied at the end of each week's games (Monday night).

      • Each Owner's Pass is assigned with a Parody Football Logo.​

      • That team is placed in that logo's respective division.

      • Other teams with logos in that division compete against each other for top ranking position throughout the season.

      • UNFantasy Playoff qualification and seedings are determined from the divisional rankings.

      • ie. NFC South includes TB, CAR, NO and ATL.

        • Any owner's pass that contains these parody logos will compete in the NFC South Division​.

      • Rankings and tie-breakers are determined by:

        1. Total Score​

        2. Total +/- differential between Offense & Defense categories

        3. Total Number of Epic Playing Cards played throughout the season

        4. Total Number of Rare Playing Cards played throughout the season

        5. Total Number of UNCommon Playing Cards played throughout the season

    • The UNFantasy Regular Season runs from Week 1 -through- Week 13

    • Teams that qualify for the ChampiUNship Playoff will compete in a head-to-head elimination tournament ranging from Week 14 -through- Week 18.

    • The top 4 teams in each division will qualify for the ChampiUNship tournament.

      • Team seedings will be ranked #1 - #4 (1 = division champion)​

      • The #1 seed of each division will be awarded with a BYE in Week 14 and automatically advance to the second round of the tournament.

      • The remaining 3 teams will compete in the Wild-Wild-Wild Card Weekend in Week 14​​.

        • This is a head-to-head-to-head matchup where the top scoring team in each game advances to the second round.​

        • There will be a total of 8 Wild-Wild-Wild Card Games in Week 14 (24 teams).

      • Playoffs will continue in a head-to-head format from:​​​

        • Week 15 (Wild Card Round)​

        • Week 16 (Divisional Round)

        • Week 17 (Conference ChampiUNship)

        • Week 18 (Loser Bowl II)

    • All teams that do not qualify for the ChampiUNship tournament will be entered into the ParticipatiUN tournament and compete for all coveted "ParticipatiUN Trophy".

    • Additional details will be provided throughout the season.

    • Weekly registration begins on Tuesday and runs through 1hr prior to kickoff on Sunday.

    • Lineups must be set 1hr before each game's scheduled kickoff. (Set Lineups Below)

      • Late submissions or failure to submit results in forfeiture of the weekly entry fee.

      • ONE team from each scoring category must be chosen to complete the lineup.

      • The same team may be selected in multiple scoring categories.

        • ie. MIA may be submitted for OFFENSE and PENALTIES.

      • In addition to the selected teams per scoring category, lineups must also include a predicted combine score during the MNF game. (Total amount of points scored between both teams)

    • Points are awarded using the UNFan Scoring System.​​​​

    • A maximum of THREE lineups may be submitted per player per week.

    • The lineup with the most total UNFan Points will be crowned the weekly winner.

    • In the event of a tie, the closest prediction to the MNF Total Points Scored will be used to determine the weekly winner.

    • If the tie-breaker doesn't settle it, then the prize will be split evenly among the tied winners.

    • Winners will be announced here as well as the UNFan Telegram Channel.

    1: Complete the weekly $10 Buy-In.

    2: Select the team in each scoring category that you think will score the most UNFan Points for the week.

    3: Fill out the tie-breaker MNF Point Total (the combined score total for the Monday Night Game)

    4: Submit your lineup

    5: Grab some popcorn and root for your teams to SUCK!

    Pick Six is your chance to set a weekly UNFan Lineup for a chance to win $100 every week!

    • Prizes will be announced prior to the season and shall include digital collectibles, physical merch, cash, and more!

    • Stay tuned for more info!

    • Every Tuesday the league will host a show called TRASH TALK TUESDAY.

    • The show discusses the weekly UNFantasy League results, game results and a look ahead at the next slate of games.

    • The show is very interactive and encourages Owner's to join in on the trash-talking!

    • Owners are invited to join live on the show as guests or express their trash-talking expertise live in the chat.

    • Details, times and links are sent out as part of the weekly recap emails on Tuesday mornings.









    CLEVELAND (2nd String)



    DENVER (2nd String)


    DETROIT (2nd String)










    MIAMI (2nd String)



    NEW ENGLAND (2nd String)


    NEW YORK (G)

    NEW YORK (G) (2nd String)

    NEW YORK (J)

    NEW YORK (J) (2nd String)








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