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Playing Card Packs

Playing Card Packs can be purchased or won throughout the season.
Each pack contains 5 playing cards (1 per scoring category).


Offense   Defense  |  Special Teams   Penalties  |  Win / Loss

The roster of Playing Cards you acquire will be viewable in your Franchise Front Office page.

Plain 'ole Common

Rare-ly Good

UNcommon-ly Bad

Epic Fail


Follow up your ETH transfer with an email to to finalize the acquisition of your Purchase.

ETH Playing Card Packs Transfer 0.01 ETH to:


  • Each pack is guaranteed to have TWO specialty playing cards:

    • Specialty cards are identified by the background design, have benefits throughout the season, and hold rarity in this season's collection.

    • UNcommon-ly Bad backgrounds commemorate a parody moment in that team's history.

    • Rare-ly Good backgrounds highlight pivotal moments of choking in the BIG game.

    • Epic Fail backgrounds are the most rare and honor the teams that have gone winless in a season.

  • Any background can appear with any Parody Team Logo as well as any Scoring Category.

  • Full-Sets include any background that matches the Parody Team Logo on the playing card.

    • Similar to the specialty cards, Full-Sets hold benefits & rarity throughout the season.

  • Each pack will add the playing cards to your 2023 Franchise Roster.

    • The new playing cards will be revealed in your Franchise Front Office.​

    • Once officially on your roster, you can use the card to set the most optimal weekly lineup.​

Free Agency

Free Agency will update with new Playing Cards every Tuesday.

Free Agency is available for all players to upgrade specific scoring categories. Playing Card Packs will be opened and made available in each of the respective scoring categories. Rarity of the cards will remain hidden until the purchase is complete and the card is deposited into the Owner's Front Office page.

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